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Laboratory of Biocomposites

Head: Juris Zoldners, Dr., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67553182

Laboratory of Bioengineering    

Head: Juris Vanags, Dr., Researcher,, +371-67553063

Laboratory of Biomass Eco-Efficient Conversion

Head: Janis Gravitis, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67553137

Laboratory of Cellulose

Head: Uldis Grīnfelds, Dr., Researcher,

Laboratory of Lignin Chemistry

Head: Galina Telysheva, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67555916

Group of Wood-Plastic Composites

Head: Galia Shulga, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher, shulga@junik.l

Laboratory of Polymers

Head: Ugis Cabulis, Dr., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67552581

Laboratory of Polysaccharides

Head: Nikolajs Vedernikovs, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67553760

Laboratory of Wood Biodegradation and Protection

Head: Bruno Andersons, Dr., Sen.Researcher,, +371-67552554 

Department of Technological Research

Head: Janis Rizikovs, Dr., Sen.Researcher,


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