Research Staff

Elected Academic Staff

14 Sen. Researchers, 22 Researchers, 19. Res. Assistants - 27 Dr.habil. or Dr., 28 MSc.

Senior Researchers

Ingeborga Andersone, Dr., Sen.Researcher,
Bruno Andersons, Dr., Sen.Researcher,,
        Scientific Director
Ugis Cabulis, Dr., Sen.Researcher,,
        Administrative Director
Tatjana Dizhbite, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,
Galina Dobele, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,
Janis Gravitis, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,
Ilze Irbe, Dr., Sen.Researcher,
Vladimirs Jakusins, Dr., Sen.Researcher,
Jānis Rizikovs, Dr., Sen.Researcher,
Galija Shulga, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher, 
Galina Telysheva, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,
Nikolajs Vedernikovs, Dr.habil., Sen.Researcher,
Aivars Zhurinsh, Dr., Sen.Researcher,
Juris Zoldners, Dr., Sen.Researcher, 


Anna Andersone, MSc., Researcher,
Martins Andzs, MSc., Researcher,
Andis Antons, MSc., Researcher,
Aleksandrs Arshanica, MSc., Researcher,
Oskars Bikovens, Dr., Researcher,
Julija Brovkina, Dr., Researcher,
Dace Cirule, MSc., Researcher,
Uldis Grinfelds, Dr., Researcher,
Sarmite Janceva, MSc., Researcher,
Irena Kruma, MSc., Researcher,
Nina Kurnosova, Dr., Researcher,
Marianna Laka, Dr., Researcher,
Galina Lebedeva, Dr., Researcher,
Brigita Neiberte, MSc., Researcher,
Jevgenija Ponomarenko, Dr., Researcher,
Baiba Spince, MSc., Researcher,
Ramunas Tupciauskas, Dr., Researcher,
Juris Vanags, Dr., Researcher,
Anrijs Verovkins, Dr., Researcher,
Dzintra Vilsone, Dr., Researcher,
Sanita Vitolina, MSc., Researcher,
Viesturs Zeltins, Dr., Researcher,

Research assistants

Prans Brazdausks, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Laimonis Deme, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Anda Fridrihsone-Girone, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Juris Grinins, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Aiga Ivdre, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Lilija Jashina, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Vilhelmine Jurkjane, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Elina Kapaca, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Mikelis Kirpluks, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Maris Lauberts, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Sandra Livca, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Anete Meija-Feldmane, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Marija Misane, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Aigars Pazhe, Dr., Res. Assistant,
Liga Lauberte, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Errj Sansonetti, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Irina Sevastjanova, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Andris Veveris, MSc., Res. Assistant,
Aleksandrs Volperts, MSc., Res. Assistant,

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