Gender Equality Plan

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Ensuring gender equality in science and academia is a pending matter not only for the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (LSIWC), but also at national and global level. In order to strengthen the scientific community, LSIWC has put together a Gender Equality Plan. The aim of the plan is to sustain gender equality at LSIWC in various aspects - the procedure of employing staff, granting payment, work culture, and decision making processes.

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. Gender Equality Plan 2022.-2027. Version 29.12.2021. Riga, 2021 (in Latvian).

The Gender Equality Plan has been elaborated based on principles and suggestion discussed by the Scientific Council of LSIWC on 21.12.2021. All employees of LSIWC were invited to take part in the discussion.