Improvement of an innovative levoglucosan obtaining technology and use of by-products

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Project execution time

03.01.2011 to 31.12.2013

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Aivars Žūriņš

Involved laboratories

Biorefinery laboratory

Call, activity

European Regional Development Fund, Program "Entrepreneurship and Innovations", supplement priority 2.1. Science and Innovations", Measure 2.1.1. "Science, Research and Development", Activity "Support to Science and Research"

Project goal

Thje objective of project is obtain new knowlwdge about cellulose containing raw materials thermochemical conversion to valuable products like levoglucosan.

Duration - 03.01.2011. - 31.12.2013. (36 months).

Financing - 338 314 LVL

Information about project and its implementation (in Latvian).