MSc Karina Orlova


2015 - Professional Master's degree in financial management with the qualification “Financial analyst”, BA School of Business and Finance

2014 - Professional Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with the qualification “Company Manager”, BA School of Business and Finance

Nozīmīgākie projekti

  1. ERDF science infrastructure project “Development of pilot equipment park shed and ventilation system in Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry”, 2017-2021, Project manager
  2. ERDF project “Commercialisation of the technology for the obtaining an ecological suberinic acid-based binder for glued wood composites”, 2018-2021, Project administrator
  3. ERDF project “Commercialization of the technology of the synthesis of autocatalytic tall oil fatty acid polyols (ACTOPOL)”, 2020-2021, Project administrator
  4. ERDF project “Commercialization of the synthesis of rapeseed oil and recycled polyethylene terephthalate polyols (ROPET)”, 2020-2021, Project administrator
  5. ERDF project “Commercialization of the technology of obtaining lignocellulose bulk thermal insulation material”, 2020-2021, Project administrator
  6. ERDF project “Improvement of wood-based biorefinery by innovative conversion of residues to nanoporous carbon materials (BiReMa)”, 2021-2023, Project administrator
  7. ERDF project “Study of obtaining, production and application of high specific surface area birch outer bark betulin particles in dispersed systems”, 2021-2023, Project administrator
  8. ERDF project “Birch bark as a valuable renewable raw material for producing formaldehyde-free particle boards and suberinic acids polyols for the development of polyurethanes”, 2021-2023, Project administrator