MSc. Chem Mārīte Škute


1971.  Master degree in Chemistry (Msc. chem.), University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry

Scientific interests and competence

Determination of extractives, cellulose and lignin content in different species of wood. Pulping process and its modification. Pulp and paper analysis. Mechanical properties of paper. Application of wood waste based nanoparticles.

The most important projects

2019. LS IWC grant. Complex processing of the hemp and its products (HEMPWISDOM).  2018 – 2021. LCS Project. Wood Mimicking Biocomposites (WOODMIMIC).  2018. LS IWC grant. Regeneration and modification of cellulose for obtaining environment friendly materials (RenModCell). 2014 – 2017. State Programme. „Forest and earth resources: research and sustainable utilization –  new products and technologies” (Res Prod).  2014 – 2015. ERAF Project. Investigation of ecofriendly molded paper fibre materials for use of food packing with additives from renewable resources.  2014 - 2015. ERAF Project.  Microbial synthesis technology for obtaining of nanostructured biocellulose

More information

Member of Open Public Fund  'Nature Retreat Storage'  Scientific consultant for high school students as well as for universities students of different study level (bachelors, masters).

The most important publications

Andze L., Zoldners J., Rozenberga L. Sable I., Skute M., Laka M., Vecbiskena L., Andzs M., Actins A. 2018 Effect of molecular chitosan on recovered paper properties described by mathematic model. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 52 (9-10), 873-881. Laka, M., Skute, M., Janceva, S., Fridrihsone, V., Sable, I., Vecbiskena, L., Grinfelds, U., Andze, L., Zoldners, J. 2017 Nanoparticle gels Obtained from Hardwood and Softwood Bark for Reinforcing of Paper. Solid State Phenomen, 267, 12-16. Semjonovs P., Ruklisha M., Paegle L., Saka M., Treimane R., Skute M., Rozenberga L., Vikele L., Sabovics M., Cleenwerck I. 2017 Cellulose synthesis by Komagatacibacter rhaeticus strain P1463 isolated from Kombucha. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 101, 1003-1012. Rozenberga L., Skute M., Belkova L., Sable I., Semjonovs P., Saka M., Ruklisha M., Paegle L., Vikele L. 2016 Characterization of films and nanopaper obtained from cellulose synthesized by acetic acid bacteria. Carbohydrate Polymers, 144, 33-40. S.Gronqvist, A.Treimanis, A.Kamppuri, T.Maloney, M.Skute, U.Grinfelds A.Suurnakki, 2015 The effect of the Outermost fibre layers on solubility of dissolving grade pulp, Cellulose, 22, 3955-3965.