CONGRATULATIONS - Anda Fridrihsone - L`ORÉAL Baltic Fellowship for Women in Science award

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05.06.2018. L'Oreal for Women in Science award is received by Anda Fridrihsone, a researcher in Polymer Laboratory. Since 2010, Anda Fridrihsone is working at Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. L`ORÉAL Baltic fellowship “For Women in Science” she received for her Research project: Life Cycle Assessment Of Polyols and Polyurethane Production Using Rapeseed Oil as a Feedstock. The objective of the Research project is to carry out a complete cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for rapeseed oil polyols and polyurethane materials based on these polyols developed at Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. The Research results will not only evaluate the environmental footprints of the developed polyols and polyurethanes based on rapeseed oil, but also contribute to regionalized (Latvia, Northern Europe) LCA studies as there is lack of these. Study will be beneficial for other researchers locally, for example, to evaluate the environmental footprint of biodiesel produced in Latvia, and for other researchers worldwide.

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