Study of gluing and impregnation processes for the development of new bent glued wood products’ production

Project status


Project execution time

01.04.2019 to 31.03.2022

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Head of the Institute Department

Bruno Andersons

Call, activity

Operational programme "Growth and employment", 1.1.1. specific support objective “Increase of Latvian research institutions’ research and innovative capacity and the ability to attract external funding, investing in human resources and infrastructure”, measure “Practical studies”

Cooperation partners

Project goal

Objective of the project is to support research at the LLC (SIA) “EKJU” and the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, which contributes to the achievement of the goals set in the Smart Specialization Strategy of Latvia, development of scientific and technological human capital and creation of new knowledge for the improvement of competitiveness of the national economy. Specific objective of the project is to provide gluing strength properties of bent glued wood products and impregnation quality corresponding to the class of use, to create a new product – high quality bent glued and impregnated wood products for outdoor environment. Implementation of the project will result in development of a new product, as well as acquirement of new knowledge on properties of bent glued wood products and technological impregnation solutions.

Total eligible costs of the project account for EUR 839 469.16, public aid is EUR 580’012,79. Eligible costs of LSIWC are EUR 197’343,81.

Project is co-financed by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency of the Republic of Latvia and European Regional Development Fund.

Information of project implementation (in Latvian).