PhD Anda Fridrihsone


2020 – Doctor of Science (Ph.D) in Environmental Engineering and Energy, environmental science; Riga Technical University, Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment 2012 – Master of environmental science (, environmental science, Environmental science; Riga Technical University, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment

Scientific interests and competence

Life Cycle Assessment of biobased polymers and their feedstock, which is an important step to evaluate to benefits of petrochemical replacement with bio-based raw materials. Analysis of polyols and polyurethanes using instrumental and chemical testing methods. Funding attraction.

The most important projects

2018-2021 - M-ERA.Net 2 - Development of Biobased Cryogenic Insulation Modified with Nanocrystalline Cellulose (Bio4Cryo) (Nr., researcher 2017-2019 - ERDF - Rigid polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foam thermal insulation material reinforced with nano/micro size cellulose (Nr., researcher 2014-2015 - ERDF - Development of innovative polyols and polyol systems from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) flakes and renewable raw materials (Nr.2014/0043/2DP/, research assistant 2011-2013 - ERDF - Development of Volatile Organic Compounds Non-Containing Sprayable Polyurethane Coatings from Renewable Raw Materials (Nr.2010/0214/2DP/, research assistant

More information

2018 – Fellow of L`ORÉAL Baltic fellowship “For Women in Science” 2018 – “Top Achievements in Science” in Latvia in 2017. Applied science category with “Wide range of thermal insulation materials from renewable and recycled raw materials” by Dr, U.Stirna, Dr. U.Cabulis, Dr. V.Yakushin, M.Kirpluks, A.Fridrihsone, Latvian Academy of Sciences. 2013 – Creativity Award (best poster) in international the 9th Coatings Science International Conference (COSI 2013) 2013 – Winner of “Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2012” with a master thesis „Rapeseed oil – a renewable raw material for obtaining innovative polyurethanes” (Riga Technical University, Riga, 2012) 2012 – International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites (BiPoCo-2012) award for the Best poster presentation II place 2012 - Member of Riga Technical University Gold Fund 2012 – The World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) young researcher forum “WSED NEXT!” with paper “Renewable resources as raw materials for high efficient, energy saving thermal insulation” invited speakers for „WSED 2012”

The most important publications

Fridrihsone, A., Abolins, A., Kirpluks, M. Screening Life Cycle Assessment of tall oil-based polyols suitable for rigid polyurethane foams. -  Energies, 2020, 13(20), 5249 ( Fridrihsone, A., Romagnoli, F., Cabulis, U. Environmental life cycle assessment of rapeseed and rapeseed oil produced in Northern Europe: A Latvian case study. - Sustainability, MPDI, Open Access Journal. 2020, 12(14), 5699, Open Access ( Fridrihsone, A., Romagnoli, F., Kirsanovs, V., Cabulis, U. Life Cycle Assessment of vegetable oil based polyols for polyurethane production. - Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020, 266 ( Kirpluks, M., Vanags, E., Abolins, A., Fridrihsone, A., Cabulis, U. Chemo-enzymatic oxidation of tall oil fatty acids as a precursor for further polyol production. - Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 215, 390-398 ( Fridrihsone, A., Romagnoli, F.,  Cabulis, U. Life Cycle Inventory for winter and spring rapeseed production in Northern Europe. - Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, 177,79-88 (Doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.12.214). Fridrihsone-Girone, A., Stirna, U., Misane, M., Lazdiņa, B., Deme, L. Spray-applied 100% volatile organic compounds free two component polyurethane coatings based on rapeseed oil polyols. - Progress in Organic Coatings, 2016, 94, 90-97 (Doi: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2015.11.022); Fridrihsone-Girone, Anda. Preliminary Life Cycle Inventory of Rapeseed Oil Polyols for Polyurethane Production. - Journal of Renewable Materials, 2015, 3, 1, 28-33 (Doi: 10.7569/JRM.2014.634136). Stirna, U.,  Fridrihsone-Girone, A., Yakushin, V., Vilsone, D. Processing and properties of spray-applied, 100% solids polyurethane coatings from rapeseed oil polyols.  - Journal of Coatings Technology Research, 2014, 11, 3, 409-420 (Doi: 10.1007/s11998-013-9545-8). Fridrihsone, A., Stirna, U., Lazdiņa, B., Misāne, M., Vilsone, Dz. Characterization of Polyurethane Networks Structure and Properties Based on Rapeseed Oil Derived Polyol. - European Polymer Journal, 2013, 49, 1204-1214 (Doi: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2013.03.012).