Dr.chem Anrijs Verovkins


2013 - Doctor degree in Chemical engineering, Wood Chemistry Technology (Dr. chem.), Riga Technical University

Zinātniskās intereses un kompetence

Modification of wood and wood bark. Wood-polymer composites.

Nozīmīgākie projekti

2020 - LS IWC Bio-economic Grant N1 - New lignin-chitosan nano- and microparticles functional additives effect of recycled polypropylene / polylactic acid composite material with lignocellulosic filler properties (LignoHitBioKM) - Leader

2019 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - A new lignin polymer complex as a compatibility enhancer influence on the properties of the composite material (LigPolimerKM) - Leader

2017-2018 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - Waste biomass from wood processing wastewater as a potential for application in environmentally friendly composites (AtkritBiomasKM) - Leader

2017-2020 - ERDF project - Wood with improved service properties due to combination of thermal modification and impregnation (No. - Researcher

2014-2017 - National Research Programme - Forest and earth entrails resources: research and sustainable utilization – new products and technologies (ResProd) (2014.10-4/VPP-6/6) - Participant

2011-2015 - ERDF project - Investigations of possibilities of woodworking by-products utilization, ForestCompetenceCenter (LIAA No.L-KC-11-0004) (KC/; - Participant​

Nozīmīgākās publikācijas

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  2. Zimele Z., Irbe I., Grinins J., Bikovens O., Verovkins A., Bajare D. (2020). Novel mycelium-based biocomposites (Mbb) as building materials. Journal of Renewable Materials. 8(9), 1067-1076.
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