M. sc. chem Velta Fridrihsone


from 2017. PhD studies, Technical University of Riga, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry  2016. Master degree in Chemistry (Msc. chem.), Technical University of Riga, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry 

Scientific interests and competence

Chemical and mechanical properties of paper and paper glues. Paper restoration and conservation. Nanocellulose and its derivatives. Analysis of moisture and ash content of solid bio-fuel

The most important projects

2019. LS IWC grant. Complex processing of the hemp and its products (HEMPWISDOM).  2018 – 2021. LCS Project. Wood Mimicking Biocomposites (WOODMIMIC).  2018. LS IWC grant. Regeneration and modification of cellulose for obtaining environment friendly materials (RenModCell).

More information

2015. praxis in National Archives of Latvia, Division of Document Prevention Preservation  from 2017.  Wood chemistry teacher, Riga State Technical School

The most important publications

Irbe I., Bikovens O., Fridrihsone V., Dzenis M. 2019 Impact of biodeterioration on structure and composition of waterlogged foundation piles from Riga Cathedral (1211 CE), Latvia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 23, 196-202. Filipova I., Fridrihsone V., Cabulis U., Berzins A. 2018 Synthesis of Nanofibrillated Cellulose by Combined Ammonium Persulphate Treatment with Ultrasound and Mechanical Processing. Nanomaterials, 8(9), 640;  Laka, M., Skute, M., Janceva, S., Fridrihsone, V., Sable, I., Vecbiskena, L., Grinfelds, U., Andze, L., Zoldners, J. 2017 Nanoparticle gels Obtained from Hardwood and Softwood Bark for Reinforcing of Paper. Solid State Phenomena, 267, 12-16. Andersons, B., Andersone, I., Irbe, I., Fridrihsone, V., Lūsis, R. Exploration of waterlogged piles and wooden constructions of Riga Dome Cathedral. IRG/WP 17-10901.