CONGRATULATION - PhD Anda Fridrihsone

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Doctoral Thesis. Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Polyol Monomers for Polyurethane Production

To be granted the scientific degree of Doctor of Science (Ph. D.), the present Doctoral Thesis had been submitted for the defence at the open meeting of RTU Promotion Council on August 27, 2020 at 4 p.m. online.

PhD Anda Fridrihsone is researcher of the Polymer Department of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. The PhD Thesis was developed in the Polymer Department of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry and in the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment of Riga Technical University

Scientific supervisors: Prof., Francesco Romagnoli (RTU, the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment), Uģis Cābulis (LSIWC).

Annotation: The development of advanced new materials and technologies frombio-based products is immensely  needed  as the world  is  facing  an  ever-increasing  variety  of  challenges  due  to increasing public concern about global sustainability. Polyurethane polymers present a broad spectrum  of  materials  that  are  produced  to  meet  the  needs  for  various  applications,  from the automotive industry, building and constructionto appliances, furnishing, marine and medicine. The general objective of the Thesis is to carry out comprehensive cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessmentof rapeseed  oil-based polyols suitable for polyurethanematerial production.

PhD Thesis available: (English, summary - Latvian, English).