Dr. ķīm. Māris Lauberts


2018 - Dabaszinātņu doktora grāds ķīmijā , Latvijas Universitāte,  ķīmijas fakultāte.

Zinātniskās intereses un kompetence

Expertise in different extraction and fractionation techniques of plant biomass, development of strategies for selective, cost effective target compound obtaining.  Evaluation and characterization of antioxidant activity using different radicals scavenging - inhibition methods as well ORAC and its evaluation in real lipid systems (OXIPRESS). Many-sided characterisation of plant biomass complex compound mixtures, using diverse analytical approaches and methods, with emphasis on phytochemical screening methods (qualitative and quantitative total amount determination of diverse chemical group compounds).

Nozīmīgākie projekti

LZP Fundamentālo un tematisko pētījumu projekts Nr. 564/2012 „Koksnes biomasas frakcionēšana, izmantojot jonu šķidrumus un izdalot vērtīgus polifenolu un celulozes produktus” (2013. - 2016. g.) pētnieks. H2020 Project US4 GREENCHEM Combined ultrasonic and enzyme treatment of lignocellulosic feedstock as substrate for sugar based biotechnological, (2015. – 2019. g.).pētnieks.

Nozīmīgākās publikācijas

Lauberts, M., Sevastyanova, O., Ponomarenko, J., Dizhbite, T., Dobele, G., Volperts, A., Lauberte, L., Telysheva, G. Fractionation of technical lignin with ionic liquids as a method for improving purity and antioxidant activity. Industrial Crops and Products, 2017, 95, 512 - 520. Lauberts, M., Telysheva, G., Venskutonis, P.R.,  Lauberte, L., Dizhbite, T., R.Kazernavičiūte, R., Pukalskas, A. Diarylheptanoid-rich extract of grey and black alder barks: an effective dietary antioxidant in mayonnaise. Chemical Papers, 2017, 71, 1007 – 1012. Ponomarenko, J., Dizhbite, T.,  Lauberts, M., Volperts, A., Dobele, G., Telysheva, G. Analytical pyrolysis - a tool for revealing of lignin structure-antioxidant activity relationship. Journal of Analytical andApplied Pyrolysis, 2015, 113, 360 - 369.  Ponomorenko, J., Lauberts, M., Dizhbite, T., Lauberte, L., Jurkjane, V., Telysheva, G. Antioxidant activity of various lignins and lignin related phenylpropanoid units with high and low molecular weight. Holzforschung, 2015, 69, (6), 795 - 805.  Ponomarenko, J., Dizhbite, T., Lauberts, M., Viksna, A., Dobele, G., Bikovens, O., and Telysheva, G.. Characterization of softwood and hardwood lignoboost kraft lignins with emphasis on their antioxidant activity. BioResources.  2014, 9(2), 2051-2068.